Welcome to Enriched Health Care’s private and secure Telehealth services.

Enriched Health Care provides Telehealth Services in the following ways:
1. One on one Consultations with your Health Care Professional
2. Telehealth with your Health Care Professional whilst you are supported by a Health Care Assistant
3. Group Telehealth consultations including workshops and online exercise programs
4. Telehealth triage or review of medical symptoms

At your first consultation our Health Care Assistant will provide an Initial Telehealth Set Up. You will receive an email before your initial appointment with directions on how to set up Telehealth.

Setting up Telehealth

For your first Telehealth consultation with Enriched Health Care where you have not yet set up your phone or computer, please ensure you click the “Join online meeting” link that is emailed to you for your first telehealth consultation. The instructions to download any required applications will be included in this link. We suggest that you do this at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. You can click the same link again 10 minutes prior to your Telehealth consultation to access the Telehealth waiting lobby in preparation for your consultation. When you have entered the lobby please click on the video icon and select start my video to enable full audio and video experience.

If you have any further questions you can access assistance at our knowledge base by clicking here or speaking with your health care support or assistant.

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