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Welcome to the Gait and Motion Clinic Online Store where you can purchase products to assist with your Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology rehabilitation programs.

Conditions for online orthotic sales. Please be aware that the purchase of Orthotics online is dependent on the type of orthotic you order. Our online clinical shop has two types of orthotics orders Formthotics or GaitScan Orthotics. The conditions on how these are ordered are as per below.

1. Formthotics can be ordered and paid for online. You will receive the orthotic vuia mail within 5-10 working days. When the orthotic arrives you can then book an appointment for fitting with your health professional by clicking here

2. For Gaitscan Orthotics please purchase the orthotic that you would prefer and then book an appointment with your health professional by clicking here. At your appointment your health professional will complete a gait scan assessment with you and order the Orthotics from our clinic. Delivery of gait Scan Orthotics will take 3-4 weeks.

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