Digital Therapeutics

The Gait and Motion Clinic uses the novel advantages of digital therapeutics to enhance health care outcomes. This includes the following:

1. Individualised online exercise programs
2. Group member online video channels
3. Online learning programs, and
4. Telehealth consultations

Individualised Online Programs

Our individualised online programs are provided through our private, secure and confidential interactive video channel. We provide private links to patients for their personalised rehabilitation exercises. Each patient can share this link with their family members or other health professionals such as their GP or Specialist. Only people who have access to their link can see the videos, you can request for this also to password locked.

Group Member Online Programs

In addition to private links The Gait and Motion Clinic also has Member Channels for professional demonstration of specific rehabilitation exercises. These channels also have an interactive area for member group discussions. Channels are set up for specific patient groups and include the following:

The Gait and Motion clinic channel. Click here.

Pose Tech Exercises. Click here.

Work Related Activity. Click here.

Persistent Pain Program

Online Learning Programs

The Gait and Motion Clinic has online learning programs such as our persistent pain program that includes online workshops in impacts of pain, the ABC thoughts and emotional responses to pain, dealing with change and goal setting, stress management healthy lifestyle and sleep management and manual handling training. More information about this programs contents can be found by clicking here.

We have the following online courses

  • Persistent Pain Course
  • Manual Handling Training for Disabilities Services and Aged Care


In addition to the members channel the Gait and Motion clinic provides secure and confidential telehealth consultations to provide clinical education, support, review and demonstration of rehabilitation interventions including exercises.

Some of the other interesting things you will find at our Group Member channels include gait and motion adventures such as below. We live the fun applications of practiced human movement.

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