Clinical Pilates

The Gait and Motion Clinic provides various Clinical Pilates interventions at our Port Macquarie Clinic for injury prevention, injury management and general conditioning.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates are supervised individual and group pilates consultations for injury and disease treatment and management.

Clinical Pilates attract rebates through Private Health, DVA, WorkCover and CTP.

Clinical Pilates Initial Consultations cost $98
Initial consultations are compulsory prior to participating in group clinical pilates classes.
Book online here.

Group Clinical Pilates Classes cost $45 and can be booked online by clicking here.

Conditioning Pilates

Conditioning Pilates is suitable for people looking for fitness and conditioning. These classes are not suitable for individuals with injuries. No rebates are available for these classes.

Initial consultations are completed prior to participating in classes. This includes musculoskeletal prescreening and pilates exercise education on refrormers.

Conditioning Pilates Classes are conducted in both supervised and unsupervised sessions.
All new participants must start with supervised classes.

Supervised Classes cost $25
Unsupervised sessions cost $16.50.

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Clinical Pilates

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